Insurance & Fees

At RHM, we are committed to providing excellent care for all women, regardless of their circumstances. We further believe that you should have the freedom to choose whichever health care delivery model that suits you and your family. As such, we have worked hard to structure our fee in such a way that we believe is fair, affordable and accessible. 

* Please note that we are still in the middle of contracting with health insurance and may not yet participate with your insurance at this present time. However, we have came up with a temporary solution that will allow you to receive affordable care right away. Please click here to see the membership specifically designed for this situation. 

Participating Plans

Participating Insurances
  • ‘In-network’ insurance claims processing with participating commercial insurance.
  • You pay your co-pay, deductible, etc. as dictated by your coverage and are responsible for balances or services that are not covered.
  • You have the option of enrolling in RHM Telehealth.


RHM Telehealth

Membership details
  • Membership is $49/month with a one time enrollment fee of $99.
  • You are required to have an insurance plan that we participate with.
  • Unlimited Telehealth consultation during regular office hours.
  • See your medical provider in the comfort of your location.


RHM Direct

Membership details
  • Membership is $99/month with a one time enrollment fee of $99.
  • No co-pay, deductible, ever.
  • Unlimited office visits
  • Unlimited Telehealth consultations
  • Unlimited in-office gynecological ultrasounds and procedures
  • Discounted prices for non-covered labs.



Sample Price List
  • Patients have the option to go a la carte / self-pay for every service they receive at our practice.